AMIL Extra Long Wear Mascara AMYN04
  • Extra Long Wear Mascara

Extra Long Wear Mascara

Extra long wear Mascara is enriched with a growth formula, which makes the lashes appear full and curled from the root to the tip. Extra long wear mascara can create super-curled stunning eyelashes.. Each AMIL Extra Long Wear Mascara is treated with complete beauty solutions and function.

Extra long wear mascara evaluation

Before and after use test

The eyelashes are obviously elongated, becoming thick and curly, naturally rising, and the small eyelashes become thick, black and slender.

Durability test

Apply mascara to the back of your hand, rinse with water or oil, and do not expose the halo. This proves that the waterproof and oil-proof effect of this mascara is ideal.

Extra Long Wear Mascara in results
The makeup effect is with innovative brushes styles.
volume and lengthening, lengthening separation volume, volume and easy application, curling, color release.

Makeup application solutions

A wide range of standard extra long wear mascara and customized ones.

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