AMIL Intense Length Mascara AMYN06
  • Intense Length Mascara

Intense Length Mascara

Refined black formula, natural mineral color powder, simple one brush lashes thick, black and bright, natural and slender.Each AMIL Mascara is treated with complete beauty solutions and function.

Applicable scene of Intense Length Mascara

Elegant professional make-up, slim, spherical and large brush head to create a working environment and formal occasions suitable for the needs of make-up.

Be suitable for lovers' dating, friends' parties, nightclubs, parties and other occasions.

Fresh nude makeup, slim straight brush head, suitable for daily study, work and appointment.

Makeup application solutions

A wide range of standard products and customized ones.

Mascara in results
The makeup effect is with innovative brushes styles.
volume and lengthening, lengthening separation volume, volume and easy application, curling, color release.

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