How to apply extra long wear mascara
 May 19, 2020|View:420

Extra long wear mascara is a cosmetic that is applied to our eyelashes, which can allow our eye hair to grow visually. It is a very important part in the makeup step, which can create a charming eye makeup. Flies legs are easy to appear, so come and become beautiful together now!

How to apply extra long wear mascara

1. First look down, try to expose the root of the eyelashes, and then insert the eyelash brush head into the root of the eyelashes for two to three seconds.

2. Pull to the end of the eyelashes again, make small adjustments before the mascara is dry until you are satisfied, and brush the lashes thicker.

3.Finally, emphasize the end of the eyes, comb the eyelashes, and brush the lower eyelashes. Be sure to brush the lower eyelashes carefully. Try to put your hands lighter. The trick is to gently shake and move the eyelash brush outwards so that you can brush out long and thick The lower eyelashes are coming.

4.After introducing, I think you may know more about applying extra-long wear mascara.

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