How to use longwearing liquid lipstick
 May 20, 2020|View:539

To make the liquid lipstick better show your beauty,we will introduce you how to use longwearing liquid lipstick. Follow me!

Longwearing Liquid Lipstick (1).jpg

Step 1: Look at the lips

Take a good look at the color of your lips in the mirror. The effect is to look at the color and find the color of the lip gloss that suits your lips. For example, your lips are darker and redder, and light-colored lip gloss is not suitable. If your lips are pale, you can choose any color you want.

Step 2: Clean lips

Do a good job of exfoliating the lips, remove the dead skin of the lips, you can apply lipstick better.Step 3: moisturize lips

For good lips moisturizing effect, you need to apply lipstick. Doing this will keep your lips moist and make your lips look lighter, which will make it easier and more even when applying lip makeup.


Step 4: Start applying longwearing liquid lipstick

Choose a good color and you can apply it. First apply liquid foundation on the lips, and then start to paint the lips. Apply the lower lip first, then the upper lip, and then apply the entire lip from inside to outside. Then gently close your lips and wipe off the lip gloss outside the lip line.

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