Features of AMIL intense length mascara
 May 22, 2020|View:542

The intense length mascara has a mild formula of microfibers, a fine-textured brush head, and a light brush, each lash is easily curled, making your eyes look more attractive. Now we will introduce the features of AMIL intense length mascara.

AMIL intense length mascara

The dazzling black paste with sericin The dazzling black paste makes the eyelashes dark and shiny; at the same time, the sericin deeply nourishes the roots of the eyelashes, making the eyelashes tough and not easy to fall off. With long-term use, eyelashes grow naturally and become denser and longer.

Its oil-proof formula and long-lasting styling skills keep the eyelashes from blooming and sagging. It is densely black throughout the day. Just like an oriental doll.

The unique composite multi-effect brush head not only makes the eyelashes slender, curled, thick, and rooted, but also brushes out the supernatural real makeup. Strong combination.

This brand new mascara makes eyelashes beautiful. If you are interested in this intense length mascara, welcome to contact us.

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