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Mascara is the finishing touch in the entire eye makeup, so you should also work hard in the selection of mascara. In fact, compared with the mascara body, the mascara brush head is the magic weapon to win. The shape of the brush head is thousands of millions. If you want to choose a mascara that is satisfactory, you must first think about your needs and choose symptomatically. Now,extra long wear mascara manufacturer will introduce you different styles of mascara brush.

extra long wear mascara

Fine straight brush head

The shape of such a brush head is straight and slender, and the gap between the eyelashes and the bristles is relatively large, so that the paste on the bristles wraps the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes, and can brush out the eyelashes with clear roots. The makeup effect is quite natural.

Sea urchin brush head

This shape of the brush head will be longer than the general brush head, the bristle gap is also relatively large, looks like a sea urchin thorn, the purpose of this shape is to strengthen the detail of the eye head and tail.


This shape of the brush head is curved and curved, and the concave arc in the middle will be more in line with people's eye shape, and it will feel smooth when brushing eyelashes. The most special thing is that when the eyelashes are recessed, the roots of the eyelashes will be pulled up to the maximum extent, and the curl is almost perfect.

Thick mane brush head

This shape of the brush head has thick bristles and small gaps. The bristles can wrap the thick paste. The lashes brushed are very thick, but one thing is that it is easy to caking.

extra long wear mascara

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