All in one mascara is a common step in daily makeup
 Jul 23, 2020|View:561

Proper use can make eyelashes thick and curly. With the increasing demand for makeup, all in one mascara has produced many different kinds from the brush head.

All in one mascara is a common step in daily makeup

1. Triangular brush head: cross section can make eyelashes soft and natural, which is convenient for follow-up cream body.

2. Spiral brush head: fill in the gap with cream body, which can make eyelash root clear in the process of application, so as to make eyelashes curl up more.

3. The curved brush head is suitable for any eye type, easy to apply, and can be evenly applied to the eyelash root.

It's important to choose the right all in one mascara according to your own eye type. People with shorter eyelashes can choose colored products that can extend eyelashes. Those with short and sparse eyelashes can choose longer ones and brush them twice. The process of brushing mascara is also a learning process. First choose the eyelash curler that is suitable for your eyes, and then put on the mascara, then dip it into the mascara to brush up from the roots.

With the development of the beauty industry, the types of all in one mascara are also increasing. Customers can choose the mascara suitable for their needs according to their own requirements, so that their eyes can be big and divine under the action of mascara.

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