Can extra long wear mascara be washed with milk that washes a face?
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At present, there are many kinds of cosmetics on the market, and the use of each kind of cosmetics is also a lot, which is not limited. At the same time, it is very important to remove makeup after making it up every day, otherwise, it is easy to cause certain damage to the skin or eyes, so can the extra long wear mascara be washed off with a facial cleanser?

The extra long wear mascara doesn't remove makeup with a facial cleanser. Because mascara works through adhesion. So mascara is commonly used above eyelashes to be able to firmly adhere to a whole day, even if it is to undertake strenuous exercise mascara also can firmly pick up above eyelash. So mascara just use cleanser is to clean it up, the role of cleanser is the clean product to use as the basis, its role and clean completely different makeup products, makeup products containing abundant emulsifier and makeup ingredients, pour discharge makeup product again on makeup cotton wet apply is in the eye region, after a while when wiped gently rub on eyelashes, You can see strips of black material being wiped off your eyelashes.

extra long wear mascara

The extra long wear mascara removal method recommended two:

1, Makeup cotton remover. When using, makeup with makeup water first make up cotton is soaked, its cover is in eyelash position static place 15 seconds or so. Then gently rub your eyelashes directly with a cotton pad. You will find that the mascara has become very easy to remove. After a cotton pad is completely blackened, use a clean cotton pad to soak in a little toner and wipe it again carefully. When the cotton pads stop discoloring, it means the extra long wear mascarahas been removed.

2. Remove makeup with cotton swabs. This kind of method that gives eyelash discharge makeup is used at commonly light makeup, or it is to stick when false eyelash discharge makeup is used. When using, dip in with cotton swab take makeup water, begin from the eyelash of the lower eyelid, wipe gently from eyelash root ministry outside, usually after a few mascaras oneself fell. After the lower eyelid is cleared clean, the eyelash that gives the upper eyelid again with the same method undertakes discharge makeup can.

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