How to Use Intense Length Mascara?
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Asian women's eyelashes are short, straight, thin, soft, and flat. The super handy mascara that Asian women want should have the function to fix all the disadvantages while creating the natural effect of "shining eyelash". Let short eyelashes can also be as thick as a doll. Theintense length mascara has become a rare choice for Asian women. But if you want to create a clear effect, still need certain skills, today to share with you.

Step 1: Carefully wipe off the oil under your eyes. Mascara's main ingredient is oil, and when it comes into contact with the oil on the skin, it will peel off. Because this is in when drawing foundation makeup, brush the powder, the maximum limit is keeping dry state.

Step 2: Clamp your eyelashes with a curler before putting on your intense length mascara. When you're looking down, align your eyelash line with the eyelash curler line and gently clamp it. For nature, the eyelash of glamour, divide 3 stages clip. The place between eyelash root and eyelash, still has eyelash creams tail to rise up finally, completed become warped long eyelash.

intense length mascara

 Step 3: Adjust mascara. Before applying mascara, mix it in the mascara container. Never brush your mascara in the mascara container, because then air will enter the mascara and the liquid will solidify easily. Rotate the mascara brush in the container. After coating the liquid, adjust the amount appropriately at the opening.

Step 4: Apply top mascara. When applying intense length mascara, if the mascara is divided into the upper and lower parts to apply, there will be a double effect, strong persistence. First the upper eyelash from the root along the direction of the eyelash upward. Use large amounts to start with, because they tend to block up, so apply it twice, in small amounts, from top to bottom.

  Step 5: Apply the following mascara. Besmear on eyelash, next eyelash also careful daub. Start with the base of the lower eyelash, and don't brush it on as if it were an eyelash.

 Step 6: Mascara front. The middle part of the eyelashes is easy to apply because of the curve, but the front and tail of the eyelashes need to be carefully reapplied. The front lashes tend to cag, so use the mascara left on the brush. Stand the brush upright and apply the front part of the mascara upwards. Do the same for the tail of the hair.

The above is the use of intense length mascara method, hope to help you.

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