Why Fashionable Colors Lipstick is Bad for You?
 Aug 03, 2021|View:203

For women who like to dress up to make themselves look more beautiful, lipstick is an indispensable cosmetic.

As we all know, fashionable colors lipstick not only enhances the color of the lips and makes you look more graceful, but also gives you a confidence boost. But since lipstick is applied to the lips, it will inevitably be eaten by mistake. This will inevitably make people worry that the chemicals in lipstick can cause harm to people's bodies, so is lipstick toxic?

The fashionable colors lipstick is a cosmetic commonly used by female friends, which can increase the color of lips and skin tone. Many girls cannot leave it. Some people wipe the lipstick off before eating to prevent the lipstick on their lips from being ingested and causing toxins to build up. Thus appear toxic even carcinogenic terrible consequence. But can lipstick really hurt you?

fashionable colors lipstick

The main ingredients of lipstick are wax, ester, and colorant. Is there lead in fashionable colors lipstick? In the past, lead was the most common cosmetic raw material because of its remarkable bright color function and strong adhesion. However, with the development and progress of medical technology, people have gradually realized the harm of lead to the body. Therefore, all countries in the world expressly stipulate that lead should not be used in cosmetics.

But why do so many cosmetics still detect lead? Because lead is present in air, food, water, and soil, it is present in cosmetics. Even strict control and the deliberate reduction will not completely eliminate it. Although lead should not be added to cosmetics, it should not exceed 40mg/kg.

When the lead in fashionable colors lipstick is a major cause of harm to the body, ingestion can be harmful, so if you have more questions about lipstick, feel free to ask us.

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