Which is Better, Long or Intense Length Mascara?
 Aug 10, 2021|View:189

Single eyelid eye, or it is the double eyelid eye with shorter eyelash, eyelid covers eyelash easily, the part that such eyelash shows is not a lot of, want to choose so curl the eyelash with long and slender rise, make the eye looks big and bright.

The eye is apart from the person with wider, brush eyelash creams is to highlight the eyelash quantity of middle and inner eyelid, eyelash should add thick already also want to encrypt, ability pulls the eye apart, so this kind of crowd should chooseintense length mascara.

intense length mascara

Choose mascara according to the state of your eyelashes

Mascara should be selected according to the length of individual eyelashes and the thickness of the thick mascara. The mascara of bushy money suits eyelash to grow commonly but sparse crowd to use, and eyelash is short and dense suit to use the mascara that has slender and long effect. For better results, buy one of both types and brush your lashes first with the thick and then the long.

The difference between long and intense length mascara

The long and slender mascara looks natural, neat and clean, and makes your eyes look more energetic. It is more suitable for life and natural makeup. And the eyelash after intense length mascara goes up makeup looks more curl become warped thick, suit PROM or go out to play when use, can use to make big eye thick makeup.

That's long mascara andintense length mascara, you can choose the right mascara for your face!

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