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AMIL Cosmetic (Suzhou)Co.,Ltd

We started with a simple idea that every person could feel confident and beautiful. Empowering women through beauty is our inspiration .We've been working for years ever since to make that possible. We're dedicated to applying the latest innovation technology to our makeup products. AMIL offers all in one mascara,liquid concealer makeup and longwearing liquid lipstick.
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Product Advantages


We care quality

We care every process of manufacturing, we care material, we care technology, we care packing and al...


We care customers

We satisfy our customers every time. We are proud of and make commitments that we deliver.


We care our peopleS

We support and value our colleagues and enjoy working together as a team in a open and honest way.


We care environment

We operate ethically, taking the long-term view to achieve growth while safeguarding the environment...

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